Comfy web services in Rust. [Saturday, 2020-04-18]

I think Rust is officially comfy as a language for backend and/or web service development, but upcoming uncomfyness looms ever-present.

Lies, damned lies and documentation. [Tuesday, 2019-04-09]

At work I’ve been working on a simple encrypted flash abstraction using AES-XTS on the block layer and littlefs as file system, which reading the blog post has some really nifty features when dealing with microcontrollers.

Since I haven’t blogged in years and I feel like starting again I thought it would be a good idea to start with something negative that always irked me, the state of build systems for C and C++.

Android and root apps [Friday, 2016-01-22]

Recently I’ve been playing WATCH_DOGS and I thought, I want to be a cool hacker too!

Tales from a gate [Friday, 2016-01-08]

This is the tale of a gate, OpalGate to be precise, or at least that’s how it’s been dubbed by triggered purplehairs.

Using Servo as a Cargo dependency [Tuesday, 2015-08-25]

I recently decided to create my own browser, exactly fit to my needs, because the future of Firefox addons I strongly depend on is kind of uncertain.

I was playing with DETS and I kept getting weird { error, { bad_object_header, * } } without understanding what was going on.

My life is currently at its peak, the years of work have finally come to realize what I wanted to achieve.

Tabs? Spaces? Use both! [Wednesday, 2013-06-05]

Tabs! Spaces! Both?

Ruby inspect in C++ [Sunday, 2013-03-17]

From the previous post about stringifying things, comes inspect, it’s an improved version of stringify and actually returns inspecting strings like Ruby does, so it’s not for stringifying, you should use an internal standard for that and use the appropriate methods and functions.