It finally happened, my life is complete. [Friday, 2013-08-16]

My life is currently at its peak, the years of work have finally come to realize what I wanted to achieve.

For the past years I’ve been releasing most of my software under WTFPL, I’m probably the programmer with most projects under said license on this planet, but that aside, why did I choose WTFPL?

I could talk about the ethical reasoning behind it and the freedom the WTFPL gives to the user and other programmers, but no, the main reason for the choice is to cause butthurt. Sweet and lifelong butthurt.

Why? You may ask. Well, I release a lot of software, for free, anyone can use it, the only thing I want back is some irritation.

Licenses as fathers

At first it came from it being insulting to the free software movement, but it wasn’t what I was going for.

I was going for companies not being able to use my software because of the license for various reasons, the one I hope for most is it containing non-professional language.

You may wonder why foul language in the license text would hinder such a thing, I mean, nobody forces them to read the LICENSE file all day.

Well, I, as a great man, put the license header in every single source file as the FSF advices to do.

The most hilarious part is they could rerelease my software under another license without getting into any legal troubles, in the end they can do what the fuck they want to with it.

But see, it’s a hassle to mass edit all sources, and to maintain such edits when I release fixes or add features.

+ meh`: can you release your stuff under the MIT license?
+ oracle doesn't like the DWTFYW license
- and I don't like Oracle

Of all companies I never thought I could be trolling Oracle, I don’t know if it’s for legal swamp land (it’s an FSF approved license), or for foul language, but sincerely I don’t care, I hate Oracle.

And I’m sorry developer that fell in my trap, I never meant to hurt you, only to bother you to some extent, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made meh very happy.

PS: I’ll never stop using the WTFPL.