barlume is an attempt at creating a fully-Ruby library to easyly handle asynchronous I/O.

It wraps various selecting primitives with ffi and makes them accessible with a simple shared interface.

It also provides a nice reactor/proactor machine with an EventMachine compatibility layer which makes it easy to use already existing libraries for EventMachine while using a better backend.

This means that you can also run your EventMachine programs under barlume by just replacing require 'eventmachine' with `require ‘barlume/em’.


nucular is a reactor fully written in D that is greatly inspired by EventMachine.

It already works and can be used to implement any kind of protocol. Basic protocols are already provided and implement in nucular/protocols, you can use them as complex examples to how implementing other protocols.

What I want from nucular is expanding D usage and provide a simple interface to write network programs and libraries.

Keep in mind this is my first D project so it will have some ugly parts, don’t hesitate to point them out, I’ll gladly fix them to be more consistent with D standards and suggested usages.

The primitives are implemented directly in D instead of using libev or similar.


torrone is an anonymous, secure and resilient tool to create self-managed communities providing a forum, group chat, voice chat, file sharing and other goods.