I know batshit nothing about what I’m talking about.


I believe in a deterministic reality. The impossibility to measure position and momentum with exact precision doesn’t mean what’s going to happen isn’t determined. I also believe that the pure randomness that seems to exist when two subparticles collapse in the autostate is a wrong concept. As someone way smarter than me said: “God doesn’t play dice”.

What I believe in is a universe that has a beginning and multiple ends. Everything that was, is and will be, already is.

The universe started in a certain state, every time something changes, you get a new snapshot of the current state of the universe, when two subparticles seem to collapse in the autostate you get a branch with now two different states of the universe, and so on.

It starts in a state, and it finishes in multiple states, a branch ends when there’s no more possible changing in the state, the other branches keep going until every branch ends.

To be clear, when it branches you don’t get a copy of the universe, it’s the same universe, same amount of matter and energy, same everything but the different states.

This branchiverse exists completely and has always existed.

We aren’t aware of the snapshotting and the branching as it is, we can conceive and perceive movement across three dimensions and perceive movement in the fourth dimension only once at a time, but we fully exist and not exist at the same time, and we are the same and very different at the same time.

What does this tell about the universe and our life?

Nothing really, it’s just how I see reality, everything happens at the same time, and we’re already dead, just enjoy the trip through the branch you’re being aware of and stop being a faggot.

Why do we exist?

We are but a result of probability, we must exist because we’re in the right region of the branchiverse, in the right region of the galaxy and in the right region of the solar system. It couldn’t be otherwise.

Why does this branchiverse exist with these physical laws?

If we apply the same concept of branching we apply to the branchiverse to the initial state and laws of it, we can get a branching of initial states and laws, so we are in this branchiverse with these laws because it couldn’t be otherwise, it’s still just a result of probability.